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This is the third instalment of my mini series on anxiety in which I’m going to give you some top tips for dealing with anxiety when it strikes, but also ultimate strategies to reduce the positive feedback loop that’s creating the anxiety described in the last article ‘Where does anxiety come from?’

Before I get down to it, there’s a vital piece of information you need to understand, because everyone with anxiety makes this mistake.

Anxiety is your flight/fight response system on high activation – if your brain believes you are in some sort of crisis, emergency or danger, it will be strongly compelled to keep you alert of the danger and to get you away from it.  The danger in the case of anxiety is perceived danger, ie coming from your negative thoughts, worrying and what if-ing, but nevertheless your mind and body reacts just as if you’ve run into a dangerous polar bear.  So think of anxiety as a polar bear.  Polar bears are very strong, much stronger than you and have more stamina than you so it’s useless trying to fight a polar bear, you will never win.  Nonetheless people with anxiety fight it – this is the mistake.

 However, you may not be stronger than a polar bear, but you are smarter and therefore, you don’t fight anxiety, you outsmart it and this is how:

  1. Get up and move. Physically move yourself away from where you were when the anxiety hits and do something.  You can’t focus your mind on ‘not worrying’ that’s like me telling you to NOT think of a blue elephant!, as soon as you’ve thought about it, it’s there.  So whereas you can’t think about not thinking about it, you can redirect your thoughts towards something positive and do something positive.
  2. Engage in ‘Active listening’. When you have anxiety, the flight/fight part of your brain hijacks your imagination so you can catastrophise and imagine everything that could go wrong (causing more anxiety).  Ironically people who are really good at imagining things, creative types, are the best at creating anxiety!  But do not despair – you also have that amazing imaginative resource available for your intellectual brain to put it to good use and you can direct it in a positive way by active listening to audiobooks or podcasts.  The difference between active and passive listening is that passive listening, such as a radio or music can be done unconsciously, so your conscious brain can drift off and worry about stuff, but active listening involves the imagination, the conscious brain and the intellect all focusing on the same thing and when you do this, you can’t worry at the same time.  So at those times when you’re unable to get up and move or do something else, perhaps when your driving or last thing at night when you’re trying to sleep, you can listen to something else.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Whatever you practice, you get good at and that goes for worrying too!  So if you want to not have anxiety, you have to stop practising it and that means doing something different.

  1. Change your routine. Your primitive flight/fight response will want you to do the same thing day in day out, it has learned that your daily routine is safe and so it believes it an effective survival strategy, despite the high alert danger all around you in the form of your anxious thoughts,   However, that daily routing will be full of unconscious associations and triggers, so in order to interrupt the patterns of the vicious cycle, you need to do something different.  It doesn’t matter how small these things are, it might be a simple as changing the order you do things at home, or calling in to see a friend for a cuppa on the way home, but every time you do something new or different, you’re re-educating your mind that the world is not as dangerous as you’ve led it to believe and it will start to relax slightly.
  2. Exercise really does help. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but not only does it burn off the adrenalin your body is producing from being in constant flight/fight but perhaps more importantly exercise creates serotonin which helps you to cope, motivates you, makes you braver and helps you cope with physical fear.  In addition, studies in animals have shown that exercise also creates a growth hormone called BDNF which generates new cells in the hippocampus and reverses any damage done by the excess cortisol produced by anxiety.
  3. Slow down. Another common mistake is to keep yourself too busy.  Being busy can distract your thoughts from the scary ones, so it’s understandable that anxious people are always on the go, but this in itself can mistakenly lead the brain to believe there is some sort of crisis on the go – constantly.  If you have anxiety, it is important to learn how to relax, slow down and just ‘be’.  Meditation can help with this, but studies have shown that being in nature is extremely effective.  So, go for a leisurely walk in nature, find a river or a field to sit, listen, breath and be, it’s amazing how therapeutic that is when you take time out to do it.  If you can’t do that, have a soak in the bath – without a deadline.
  4. Develop Awareness. Anxiety comes from negative thinking, but much of the time anxious people are not aware of the constant negativity going through their mind, they’ve become so used to trying to ignore it that it’s just going on in the background.  Become aware of the thoughts and step out of them instead of into them.  By separating yourself from the thoughts and seeing them as an object, something your brain is doing instead of being part of you gives you control back.  All thoughts are transient, they come and go, so when you can objectify the thoughts, you can learn how to let them come through and go.  Shutting them out will only make them shout louder, that’s fighting them again, allow them in, through and out of your mind and they will lose their power.
  5. Believe. The world around us is created by our belief – good or bad; earn to relax with the anxiety believing it will pass and it will.  I know that sounds idealistic and perhaps unrealistic if you’ve had anxiety a long time, but when you combine your own belief with strategies that allow the anxiety to fade away like I’ve described above, you have the power to outsmart it.

If you have your own strategies for outsmarting anxiety that work for you, please share, I’m sure others on that path will find them really helpful.

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How you can win the fight against anxiety and depression

(From the privacy and comfort of your own home)

Living under the dark cloud of anxiety or depression can be a nightmare.

No matter how hard you struggle or how hard you try and break through, those thoughts are always there, lurking in the background, just waiting for the chance to pull you under again…

I know because I’ve been there myself.

I’ve lived through dark days that feel like an endless battle, where I was desperately trying to keep my head above the rising waves. I’d tried everything in the books, but nothing was working.

Nothing was helping me stop the emotions from churning around inside me like a rickety rollercoaster.

Nothing I tried could bring back ‘the old me’. I felt hopeless. Like I would never snap out of this darkness and go back to the happy, carefree life I once had.

But then one day… a breakthrough.

It was a miracle that I discovered the raw, natural healing power of hypnotherapy.

Unlike all the other things I’d tried over the years, hypnotherapy was the only one that wasn’t focused on finding the source of my despair.

(This wasn’t about probing my past to find someone or something to blame for my spiral into those dark depths, and then trying to work up from there.)

Hypnotherapy was about healing me from the inside out and giving me the reins back to my life by showing me how to be in full control over my thoughts and emotions.

And, I’ve made it my mission to help others break free from anxiety and depression.

Introducing “Goodbye Anxiety, Adios Depression”

The ONLY interactive, online video hypnotherapy course that supports you every single step of the way with qualified, experienced hypnotherapists


I specifically developed this unique, 6-week course to be delivered to you immediately via email (even if it’s at 2 A.M.) so you can access it from the complete privacy, safety, and comfort of your own home.

But that’s not all.

Each weekly session is structured exactly as a live ‘face to face’ hypnotherapy session and is fully supported through a variety of different methods (see in the details below).

Your full course package includes –

  • A 1-hour live online Skype therapy session with a qualified and highly experienced hypnotherapist
  • 6 video therapy tutorials (delivered at weekly intervals)
  • 6 specially formulated, fully guided hypnosis sessions
  • Interactive exercises to help you check your progress each week
  • Handy printable check lists of Step By Step daily practices and routines to follow
  • Unlimited email support
  • Plus 2 bonus video modules

This online course gives you the exclusiveness and privacy of a face to face meeting with a qualified therapist, but from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

And it’s for a fraction of the cost you’d normally pay for this type of treatment.

Many people who desperately need help curing their depression and anxiety absolutely dread the thought of driving halfway across town to meet a therapist face to face (which I absolutely understand!).

And not everyone can afford to fork out thousands of pounds for these exclusive treatments either…

But other, online hypnotherapy courses are either ridiculously expensive, or just send you a book or CD in the mail… leaving you to try and figure it out all by yourself.

“Goodbye Anxiety, Adios Depression” is different.

Instead of costing thousands, you get the entire 6-week course for just £199.

This is an excellent deal, because the 1-hour live Skype session alone is worth that much!

But, instead of just a one-off session, you get a full 6-week course with unlimited support the whole way.

“Emma is amazing. She is warm, friendly and has the most amazing voice, that an instant calm washes over you.

When I had my first session for stress management, I was tired (and looked it), not sleeping well and very anxious. I was negative about everything and, quite literally, going around in circles, instead of coping with the issues that were causing the stress in the first place.

During the first session Emma asked me where I would place myself on a happiness scale, from 0 – 10 (0 being jumping off a bridge and 10 being ultimately happy); I believe I responded with 4 – 5, which is honestly how I felt.

After Emma explained how the brain functions I left my first session feeling elated and felt I could regain control of my life after this 1st session. So much so, that I instantly recommended a friend and, after two further sessions, I felt better than I had done in a long time, looked better and started to deal with the problems that were causing me the stress, effectively and efficiently and was feeling like an 8 – 8.5.

After just 6 sessions I felt I was a 10 on the happiness scale! No longer tired, I was sleeping again, and the stresses and strains had melted away. I cannot recommend her enough, she has literally changed my life.”  

Results may vary from person to person

Drew Carlton, Swindon

”Hypnotherapy helped me considerably when I was at a low ebb.  It helped me to understand why I was feeling depressed and came up with good positive actions to improve the situation.    I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy to anyone and I wouldn’t hesitate to make use of their services again myself if required.”  

Results may vary from person to person


I have a lovely life: a wonderful family, I keep myself healthy, I have a good job. But I felt anxious most of the time and unable to switch off – especially where work was concerned – which left me feeling like I couldn’t cope. This made me feel even worse – I felt bad that I felt this way when people were facing very difficult lives and situations. I felt like I was constantly looking at the floor and shielding my face from the outside world. I felt sad and miserable which seemed at odds with my life.

I wanted to feel like me again – to be able to laugh and feel carefree, to feel good about myself and not take life too seriously.

Emma came into my life just at the right time. I had seen the doctor thinking that I needed some medication to take the edge off things so I could just…… breathe. That same night a flyer came through my door and rather than throw it away, my husband left it for me. We talked about it and we both agreed it was worth a try.

My experience with Emma has been truly life changing. She made total sense in explaining and helping me understand why I was feeling like I did. Making the little changes and recognising the small things that give me pleasure was hard at first – you need to accept it and make things happen. Push yourself out there and start by smiling at a stranger in the street. They will smile back, its a small but satisfying feeling.

My driver was that I hated seeing myself –  the misery walking down the street with a deep frown on her face and in her own shut-down world. I am no longer that person. Most days I feel between an 8-10 out of 10. I stop listening to those nasty voices in my head, those that tell me something bad will happen, that I am not good enough, that people don’t want to know me. Yes, some days the old me creeps in and rather than fear it, I try to understand why I am feeling like that. Its something I have to keep an eye on but the techniques Emma taught me help me get back on track.

I opened my mind and visualised what I wanted – I understand now that this is not a selfish act. I took some brave steps and found that it wasn’t so scary as I thought. I am about to start a new job, one that gives me more time for my family with an organisation that mirrors my own values. I have more time and energy for myself and others – I fit so much in! I am happy, I wake up excited by life, I am content and relaxed. My family have noticed a change and they like it. I found me, she was in here all along and just waiting for a chance to sparkle and shine again.

Results may vary from person to person

Anon. Swindon

“Before my weekly visits with Emma I was suffering horrendous panic attacks was incredible depressed was on a lot of medication and i hadn’t slept through the night for well over 7 months.  The sessions were so relaxing and left me feeling full of energy after every visit, my friends and family noticed the dramatic difference in me very quickly. I now no longer take any medication and sleep like a baby.  My life is so positive now and I have fulfilled 2 goals already after only 4 months from the end of my sessions that I don’t recognise the person I was before I went to see Emma, she truly is amazing.”

Results may vary from person to person


Who is this course for?

  • For anyone who has ever suffered from stress, anxiety and/or depression
  • For anyone who feels like they can’t cope with their daily life and responsibilities
  • For anyone who struggles day in and day out with anger, insomnia, panic attacks, OCD, IBS, eating disorders, addictions, migraines and headaches
  • …and has had ENOUGH of their suffering!

You can stop the dark thoughts and crazy emotions and get back control of your life.

If you’ve had enough of being the victim, then click to get your course now and get on the track to a healthy, worry-free life.

What Will You Learn?

tick green 15You will discover how anxiety and depression develop and what really causes it.

tick green 15You will learn short and long term techniques for dealing with anxiety & depression.

tick green 15You will understand why your sleep patterns are disturbed and your sleeping will improve.

tick green 15You will be able to adopt new habits which will allow unwanted patterns of behaviour to fade away.

tick green 15You will become aware of any unconscious and conscious misalignment and learn how you can correct it.

tick green 15You will be able to identify more easily when your imagination has taken control

tick green 15You will understand how you can influence your ‘luck’ to be good or bad.

tick green 15Understand about how your hormones are affecting your moods and how you can influence that.

tick green 15Learn new strategies for dealing with people so they don’t cause you stress and anxiety.

tick green 15Discover your personality archetype, what makes you tick and why you do the things you do.

tick green 15You will have more energy

tick green 15You will be more motivated to do the things you need to

tick green 15You will be able to cope with life’s situations more easily

tick green 15You will be calmer

tick green 15Learn how to get ‘unstuck’ and move on with your life.

How Much Do I Need To Invest?

The value of this course includes:-

Personal one to one session with a senior hypnotherapist £199

6 Hypnotherapy sessions £450

6 Hypnosis MP3s £9.95

Unlimited email support £240 per year

Total value £899.95


Discounted Price £349

Start today for just


and it is entirely RISK FREE

If you’re not happy with the materials and content, just email me and I will return your money in full, no questions, no quibble and no arguments AND you get to keep the parts of the course you have already received.

*Every effort has been made to accurately represent the coaching program herein.  Please note that results may vary and each individual success depends on his/her background, motivation, dedication and desire to make changes. Whilst every effort has been made to keep you on track with the course, there is no guarantee that you will be free from your symptoms for life.  It takes constant practice and maintenance which is explained in the course.  We can teach you, but we can’t make you to learn or practice, that is your decision.

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How Is The Course Delivered?

Once you have clicked the link below to ‘order now’ you will be redirected automatically to a form to enter your best email address where you would like the course delivered.

Then when you click submit, you will be immediately redirected to the first Module of the course and your first hypnotherapy MP3 to download instantly.

You will also receive an email from Emma with instructions of how to arrange the one to one live session and links to the first part of the course so you can go back at any time.

Then each week, same day, same time, the next module will be delivered to your inbox, even if that’s 2am!

Your Coach

beach hutsEmma Triplett HPD, DPH, MNCH(Reg) AfSFH

Hypnotherapist, Psychologist & Life Coach

Emma is the Founder of Old Town Hypnotherapy having opened the first branch in Swindon in 2011 after training in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy at the prestigious Clifton Practice in Bristol.  She later went on to open the Brighton and Hove branch before adding Mindfulness, NLP and Life Coaching to her skillset.

Emma is not a stranger to anxiety and depression.  In 2002 after a 15 year stressful corporate career she cashed and burned out of the IT industry with stress and depression.  At that time much less was known and, at a loss of how to get help except to be given antidepressants and signed off work, Emma resigned her job and ran away to Nepal where she started a Social Enterprise.  However as the recession took hold in 2008, that business began to fail and history was set to repeat itself as the stress levels rose.

But Emma discovered Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and began training as a practitioner understanding that there is a prevention and cure for anxiety and depression that everyone can do for themselves if only they have the right information and training.

Since then Emma has helped literally hundreds of people rid themselves of the life debilitating symptoms, opened 6 branches of Old Town Hypnotherapy and is now on a mission to empower others to make the internal changes necessary to rid themselves of these toxic diseases.

Emma is the owner and Director of Old Town Hypnotherapy Ltd and also runs her own Life Coaching business, where she regularly holds Personal Development & Coaching Retreats on the Island of Gozo where she lives.

Singature Image Blue 350

If you don’t feel you are getting value for money and you would like a full no quibble refund, all you have to do is email me and I’ll send the money straight back, no questions asked and you can keep what you have already received.


1.  Can this course open a can of worms I wasn’t expecting and make me any worse?

No.  It can only help, it cannot do any harm whatsoever. At Old Town Hypnotherapy we practice Solution Focused Brief Therapy.  Going back into the past to find ‘reasons’ can be particularly unhelpful for anxiety or depression, focusing on the problems or what you ‘think’ caused it will make the problems bigger.  We don’t do that, we focus on what you would like to change or get better – future orientated.

2.  What if I can’t ‘go under’ without a hypnotherapist being present.

That’s not going to happen.  Being in a trance or under ‘hypnosis’ is just a matter of relaxing.  For the first time or two some people feel anxious about what will happen, but when they discover nothing ‘happens’ then they relax and go into a trance easily.  A trance is just a state of relaxation, so in fact it is easier to achieve a state of trance at home than it is in the therapy room.

3.  Will I have access to a Therapist for help if I need it.

Yes absolutely.  You have unlimited email support and you have a one to one Facetime/Skype session.  You can ask about anything you don’t understand or want further information on or just to use as a sounding board if there’s something on your mind.

4.  How long is each session

You should set aside an hour and half each week for the new course materials.  The therapy video can be from 20 minutes to 40 minutes long. You will have weekly exercises to do each week and then each week we finish with a self hypnosis session that is usually about 30 minutes.

5.  What if it doesn’t work?

What if it does? It’s a typical thought pattern of anxiety to ‘what if’ from a negative point of view and for depression it will most likely be ‘it won’t work, nothing can help’.  Sadly these are both self sabotaging thought patterns because they stop you getting the help you need. The course comes with a caste iron, no quibble money back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with what you receive, then just email me and I will refund every penny.

6.  What if you’re not real?

If you’re concerned we’re not ‘real’ you can check us out with Companies House in the UK, we are a registered Ltd Company (number at the bottom of the screen) or even simpler call me and have a chat about it, the number is at the top of the screen.

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