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5 Ways To Fight Depression Without Drugs

There are many ways that you can fight back against depression without taking any prescription medication. There exists several natural alternatives which have been long shown to positively influence your mental health. Here are 5 ways that you can fight depression without drugs

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How to stop living in the past when you don’t want to

Getting stuck living in the past is a common problem when seems impossible to move on and stop your mind going around and around in circles dwelling on a person or event that should be left in the past. But it is your mind and your thoughts and you can retrain it to start living in the now and looking forward to planning a future.

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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Overcome the Baby Blues

This week we have Guest Author, Jackie Edwards. If you’ve just had a baby, most people think that all you feel is overwhelming joy over the new addition to your family. However, the truth is many new mothers experience anxiety and loneliness as they suffer from a form of depression called the baby blues. If you’re one of them, you’re not alone.

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Stuck in Life

Does it seem like you’re going round in circles doing the same things over and over again, repeating patterns of behaviour and making the same mistakes, especially when they don’t end well or you’re not happy. Your brain loves habit, to the primitive part of the brain which we share with animals, habit is good it feels safe, it’s the unknown that is scary, so when you lapse or default to the primitive brain it will resort to anything it knows well. Habit is good for children and animals, but when adults are operating from this part of the brain life starts going around in circles instead of moving forwards. You can get unstuck and move forwards again.

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Good Grief, an interview with Dipti Tait

Grief is something that touches everyone’s lives at one time or other but grief is an integral part of our lives in so many way that may not be instantly recognisable. It was fascinating talking to Dipti about what inspired her to write a book and learn more about how many people are struggling with grief without realising.

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Swing Into Summer With A New Healthy You

Summer is arguably almost upon us and that means swimsuits, sunshine, and skin. Read on for a few healthy tips on how to lose weight and feel great and how dropping just a few pounds can boost your mood naturally.

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Horse Therapy

At Dreams of Horses Farm Gozo horses become the therapists and humans have the breakthroughs. I was privileged to observe a session of Victor Muscat working with the clients who were working with the horses to find answers and direction.

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Random Act of Kindness (Enclosed)

This is a personal blog about a really crappy couple of weeks I’ve had that I would like to share with you because it all turned around due to one random act of kindness, read it, I will do a random act of kindness for you.

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My Top 6 Self Help Books Review

People often ask me which book they need for depression, grief, anger, anxiety etc so I thought I would do something different today and review the top 6 books that I recommend for helping with an array of emotional conditions.

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How to Help Someone with OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be hard to ignore if you’re living with someone who has it. The temptation is to buy into the OCD and either join the person helping out with their obsession by buying wet-wipes for the person with a germ OCD for example, or to try and stop them carrying out their habits or rituals, encourage them to resist the compulsion. What should you do for the best?

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How to Help Someone With Depression

Depression is really hard on the people around it and it’s difficult to know what to do for the best. Understandably the nearest and dearest want to help and want to reach out to someone who is depressed, but how do you do that without buying into the depression, having to listen to the negativity every time you see or talk to them and becoming depressed yourself. There are strategies you can use that will help the depressed person without getting into conflict, becoming frustrated or being pushed away. Listen to the video for some tips of what you can do.

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