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Many unwanted self destructive habits such as drinking, Drugs, Sex and Gambling can become a serious repetitive compelling behaviour or even evolve into serious dependencies.

Put simplistically an addiction is a psychological condition, but a dependency is a physical condition.  When you come for an initial consultation at Old Town Hypnotherapy, we work with you and a professional questionnaires where appropriate to determine whether you have an unwanted habit or a dependency.  If you are dependent on alcohol or drugs, we would work with you and your medically prescribed withdrawal programme to help you get back in control.

Treatment of unwanted habits are more straightforward as they are behaviour patterns stored in the Hippocampus area of our brain which compels us to repeat these habits over and over again.  The sufferer will have little or no control over this and not following the habit or behaviour will create anxiety and can also have a physical reaction, especially where chemicals are involved such as certain drugs or alcohol, but anyone can stop with the right treatment. Hypnotherapy helps by changing the belief systems in the hippocampus at a subconscious level and strengthening your resolve and determination to quit.

The hippocampus is part of our original primitive brain which, was responsible for our survival.  Our survival needs are mostly satisfied in modern life, but the hippocampus behaves in the same manner and learns behaviours which it has come to believe are part of our survival so encourages us to repeat these behaviours over and over.  It doesn’t have to make any logical sense to the hippocampus, as far as it is concerned, if you survived the day yesterday, then it must be an excellent strategy to survive the next day!

At Old Town Hypnotherapy you learn through solution focused techniques to ‘switch off’ these behaviour templates stored in your hippocampus and regain control of your life.

Please Note

For Initial consultations for anger management, alcohol, drugs and certain unwanted habits we ask for a £30 fully refundable deposit to insure against not showing up for the appointment.

Sadly anger management, alcohol, drugs and certain unwanted habits clients are by far the highest number of culprits for 'no shows' for appointments and, apart from the cost to the hypnotherapist and administration, it is frustrating that the appointment could have been offered to someone in need.   Please click the link below to arrange an initial consultation, when we have found a suitable date for you we will then send you a Paypal request for the initial consultation deposit prior to the appointment.  Your deposit will be refunded within 24 hours of the appointment if you attend, however it is not refundable if you miss the appointment without giving 24 hrs notice of cancellation.

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