Stress is a symptom of modern life that afflicts many people at some point, especially relationship or work related stress.

Sometimes the stress is just for a short period triggered by particular circumstances and when those circumstances change the stress subsides, however, sometimes this stress becomes prolonged and lasts beyond the circumstances or the circumstances are not going to change in the short term, for example work related stress or perhaps coping with the illness of a loved one.  This is when you need to step in and learn how to cope with the stress in your life in a different way.

Believe it or not stress is a state of mind created initially by the way you are thinking about a situation, but often your mind gets ‘locked in’ and you become overwhelmed by everything going on in your life not just the immediate circumstances you believed was causing the stress.

Initially the stress may just make you feel overwhelmed, anxious or perhaps irritable, but allowed to continue more serious symptoms can develop which will have a a more serious affect on your life limiting how you are able to function and even leading to long term illnesses and time off work.

Although everyone can differ, typical symptoms of stress can include

  • depressed mood and sometimes fearfulness
  • anxiety
  • irritability
  • sleep disturbance
  • loss of energy
  • Lack of motivation
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • loss of pleasure or interest in usual activities
  • difficulties in thinking or concentrating
  • negative thinking or forecasting the future
  • Stomach problems such as IBS or constipation and sensitivities to food.

Some of the symptoms can be treated specifically – insomnia, weight loss or gain and lack of concentration are examples.

Often people with stress self medicate with alcohol, drugs or cigarette smoking which then develop into problems themselves.

If stress is having a negative impact on your life it is your responsibility to learn how to do things differently and when you do learn these strategies they will not only change your life for the better for good but give you the tools for improving your quality of life, performance at work and relationships.

With appropriate hypnotherapy, stress is one of the most treatable conditions with long term strategies for how to avoid ever falling into the stress trap again.

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Who is that person who shows up wherever you go?

When life gets tough, we’re stressed, overwhelmed or just plain miserable we tend to look for things to blame and then the grass starts to become greener the other side. The new job is great, the new relationship is perfect and you love the place you live in – for a while at least, but, inevitably, sooner or later who shows up to spoil the party? You do!

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The secret of changing unwanted habits permanently

When trying to break bad habits the mistake people often make is to try and do it from will power alone – that’s the hard way. 
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Holidays Build Bonds and Increase Productivity

Journalists report that more than three quarters of workers don’t take all of their allotted holiday time each year. That’s unfortunate, since time off has numerous mental and physical benefits that can actually increase your productivity and enhance your quality-of-life in the long term.

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Me, Myself and MS

Just over a year ago Amy was diagnosed with MS, read her touchingly honest account of how she feels about one year on, the ups and downs, how she is coping now and lives with the knowledge she has an incurable disease.

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The Secret of Productivity

We have busy lives. There is no magic cure, no shortcut to accomplishing everything that we need to get done in a day. Having a long to-do list and a time limit on certain items can stress us out. Did you know there is a secret to being more productive and to beat stress?

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Who Else Is Not Normal

In this video I share a personal story about how trying to fit myself into a box and follow a conventional life caused me to end up miserable and depressed even though it was following a lifestyle that everyone I knew seemed to accept as normal.  It wasn’t until I embraced my unconventional self that I found my true self and an easy happiness.

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You Are What You Hear

We often give little thought to how we’re thinking even though we get involved in what we are thinking. Becoming aware of how you are thinking is skill that will change your life and understanding how your subconscious thought patterns influence whether your life is easy or like swimming through treacle will give you the skills to shape your future exactly how you would like it to be.

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Stuck in Life

Does it seem like you’re going round in circles doing the same things over and over again, repeating patterns of behaviour and making the same mistakes, especially when they don’t end well or you’re not happy. Your brain loves habit, to the primitive part of the brain which we share with animals, habit is good it feels safe, it’s the unknown that is scary, so when you lapse or default to the primitive brain it will resort to anything it knows well. Habit is good for children and animals, but when adults are operating from this part of the brain life starts going around in circles instead of moving forwards. You can get unstuck and move forwards again.

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