Smoking Cessation


If you smoke, there is no greater thing you can do to improve the quality and length of your life than to give up.

Contrary to the constant powerful messages we receive through advertising media from those companies wanting you to just convert from one of their nicotine products to another, smoking is surprisingly easy to stop once you understand how the brain is operating.   Some ex-smokers may tell you that you will be craving for the rest of your life – take it from this ex-smoker, that is NOT true.  When you quit the right way, the desire to NOT smoke just gets stronger.

Hypnotherapy is a fast, effective and powerful tool for the eradication of unwanted habits and smoking is probably the easiest! The physical addiction to cigarettes is less than 10% – the rest is all in the mind, which can be re-educated!

At Old Town Hypnotherapy we explain how your subconscious has created such a dangerous habit and remind you of the dangers to mind and body of smoking and how hypnosis will help you stop.  So long as you have a genuine desire to quit, you leave the clinic a non-smoker often with no cravings.

Emma Triplett, Founder of Old Town Hypnotherapy, was a smoker from an early age until, at 44, she quit easily with the help of hypnotherapy.  Emma says “I remember when I quit being so angry and that I been fooled into believing for so long that it was difficult – it was my fears of quitting that kept me a smoker for years longer than I should have been”.

Individual results may vary.

Anti-smoking therapy is completed in one session of 90 to 120 minutes and costs £180.

Smoking cessation is the only thing we don’t do an Initial Consultation for, simply because it’s not needed, but you can still use the Contact Us button below to call or email to book your appointment to nicotine freedom once you have decided that you are going to quit.

Please note that although Hypnotherapy is very effective at helping you quit once you have decided without any ambiguity that you are going to stop, it is not a magic cure.  Hypnosis cannot overrule your conscious decision to put a cigarette in your mouth, we can teach you how to stop smoking, but it is still up to you to follow through with it.

Once we have found a suitable time and date for you to stop smoking, to confirm your appointment we will request a £60 deposit, the balance you pay to the therapist at the end of your session.

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