decide-commit-imagineDoes it frustrate you that sometimes you just can’t get on with something.  Learn this secret of motivation and you can use a simple switch of mindset whenever you want.

Every day you can look back for demonstrations of your own real commitment to positive change, examples of when you were motivated and at your best, and you might like to acknowledge just what a powerful force that kind of commitment is.

You might like to reflect for a moment on how it feels to be determined to succeed.  That determination which you may have already started to feel is incredibly empowering, it is in fact, a force which can motivate us to overcome all obstacles.  Providing our goal is within the realms of possibility, we can see unarguably, that with 100% intent, with 100% commitment we will achieve whatever we set out of achieve … It is just a matter of DOING it.

The key then,  the great secret of success is INTENT.  We know INTENT, we may have said to ourselves a hundred times, “I’m going to join a gym,.. take up jogging, go swimming…” but intent is the feeling we get when we say we are going to get fit and this time WE MEAN IT …. AND…. WE DO IT.

We all know the difference between just saying we want to do something and actually meaning that we want to do something, and just thinking about the times in your life when you have had that feeling, that knowing that this time will be different, this time you mean it and you WILL succeed.   Just thinking about that can solidify your own intent now, can demonstrate to you the unshakeable power of your own determination.  It’s THAT feeling which is the secret to success in anything you choose to do.

And you can strengthen your intent by seeing success as a real possibility  … by seeing success …. And the more clearly you see the goal you’re aiming for is actually a real and attainable possibility then the more you are able to strengthen your intent.

Every single percentage that you increase your intent is an absolute increase in the likelihood of success.  So if we want to be certain of success, then we must aim for 100% intent.  But this need not be a worry to us because we know the mechanism for creating intent.  And there is another great strength to us here, and a great surprise, and it is this:-

When you bring the last 15% of your intent in line with your agenda, you also remove the last remnants of any internal resistance to achieving your goal.

Think about this for a moment –

When you solidify your intent 100%, then ALL of you is on board.  ALL of you is going for gold.

Success then is inevitable!  So we have seen in fact that success is depending on intent and intent is dependent on seeing success as a real possibility  and this is indeed the key –

imagining your success

There is an old adage that every journey begins with the first step and the first step is always the biggest step, the first step is the step of decision, of determination.

You may or may not already know that the subconscious mind is unable to tell the difference between us saying we want something and us saying that we don’t want something.  If I ask you to NOT think of a blue elephant – well you might just find blue elephants in your line of focus, so when we allow our mind to focus on what we don’t want rather than on what we do want, we know that the subconscious mind will only see the object in question, the object in focus and so we must understand the importance of focussing on the images and feelings which are positive for us.  The images which are images of success.  The object of what we do want rather than what we don’t want, and this gives you an incredible advantage because it means that you have all the tools you need to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

You subconscious mind WILL respond to whatever images you choose to place in your minds eye, so simply by imagining your success, simply by seeing yourself, as you want to be, simply by feeling those feelings of empowerment you feel when you achieve the things you want to achieve, you’re acknowledging the incredible power of your own imagination as a tool for transformation.

You can begin that process right now if you choose….


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