habit yourself motivatedTo develop a habit, you have to practice and when you practice regularly, you get really good at it, even if it’s a bad habit.   Practice my 10 minute daily habit exercise at the start of each day to develop positive motivation.

1 roundWrite down 5 things that show you are working towards your goals.  These are things from the previous day or week, or even longer, they can be things which have happened or things you have achieved, but above all they need to be evidence that you are moving in a positive direction.


2 roundWrite down 5 things that you are happy about or grateful for in your life, it might be support of your family, the space to pursue your goals, something specific which happened, maybe meeting someone who can help you or support you.  In other words, look around you and think about your circumstances and celebrate what you do have.


3 roundTake 5 things off your to do list and write them on a new list that you are going to do today.  Now, important note here, if there is something big on there, like ‘get a new job’ or ‘rewrite my website’, break it down into small achievable chunks because unless you break it down and start the small steps towards it, it will always seem overwhelming and you won’t start.  Put the rest of the list somewhere out of sight and decide you are just going to do those 5 achievable things.

4 roundTake 1 big thing off your to do list and put it out there.  Ask for it in your mind; decide, without any ambiguity, that’s what you want and expect it to happen.  Then let it go, you’ve delegated it, so sit back and allow it to happen, you will be amazed how things can when you decide it’s what you want.


5 roundDecide how you are going to feel today.  Yep, it’s your decision, but you need to instruct your brain and body, not leave it up to the negative default to do it for you.  It may be ‘motivated’, ‘calm’, ‘inspired’, ‘happy’, ‘patient’, ‘thoughtful’, ‘productive’, ‘energetic’, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s positive and useful, but you must decide your dominant feeling.


6 roundDare to dream.  It doesn’t matter how big, bazaar, unrealistic or out there is might seem, dare to dream and just throw it out there.  Close your eyes for 1 minute and bring your dream to life as much as possible, picture it or describe it to yourself, whatever you find easiest, it doesn’t matter, no one will know, just put the detail in.  Your dream can be the same every day, or different, it’s up to you, just don’t tell yourself its not possible, go with it and have some fun.

7 roundFinally, write about something you want to happen, as if it already has in the past tense.  Just a few minutes, or longer if you like, go with the flow and just allow yourself to free-write in the past tense.  Some people find it easier to frame it as if they are writing a letter to someone.


It may take you longer to start with, but you will soon find it becomes an easy and automatic practice and will make a big difference to how the rest of your day goes.

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