Many people with anxiety believe it is a condition they have for life, but you can help yourself and free yourself from anxiety.  This a short explanation of how to get started…

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Today I want to help you understand how you can start freeing yourself from anxiety in your life.

Anxiety might be something that has come into your life recently or it might be something you have been developing since childhood. Whichever the case you are not helpless.   You can start making changes in your life which will allow the anxiety to fade away which is how it happens. You know it’s not a case of suddenly one day you click your fingers and the anxiety has gone, you’ll find that when you start to get better from anxiety it does just fade away. You might have an hour or perhaps a morning when you suddenly realise ‘Oh, I haven’t worried about that’ and that’s the start of it fading away. The more you practice your new way of thinking and doing things, the quicker it fades.

So how do you start that happening?

Well realising that the first step is actually you understanding and accepting that you do have the power to get better. You already have all the internal resources you need to free yourself from anxiety, you just need to learn how.

It is all about your mind and how your mind is currently working. What happens when you have anxiety, is that your mind is thinking in a negative way you are using your mind and imagination to negatively forecast the future. But you don’t have to think in that way, it is your brain it’s not somebody else’s, it is your mind and you are in complete control of how it works.

But we’re never taught that at school or by our parents – in fact it’s something we’ve only recently understood more about as science has developed and we can see medically which parts of the brain light up when you’re thinking in a certain way.

Being in control of your mind might be quite an alien concept for you, and I know it sounds obvious and rational but if we’ve been thinking in the same way for very long time that will become your normal way and you will have formed neural pathways in your mind in accordance with the way you think.

These pathways can be changed and adapted and you can form new ways of thinking and new positive neural pathways – isn’t that great news?

All it takes is practice.

So how do you reprogram your mind?

Being aware of the way you are thinking is the first most important step, you might be surprised to learn that most people aren’t consciously aware of their own negative thinking.

Then, step two is changing the way you are thinking about things, and this is what we help you with hypnotherapy.   How to reprogram your mind is not something I can explain in a five minutes video or a short blog but I can help you to start taking control and are many different strategies that you can use to guide you along the way.

And then, it is down to you practicing!

I know what it’s not always easy, especially if you’ve been practicing something a different way for a long time because that will have become your default setting, so practicing something new can be hard work to start with – it’s not easy to do things a different way.

However, it is like any new skill – you learn something and then you practice. Then you practice again and you keep practicing and before you know it, it becomes just your natural way of doing things again.

If you drive a car, you will already understand this. Do you remember learning to drive?

The first time you got in a car, you had to remember ‘mirror signal, manoeuvre; the clutch, accelerator, the break and then you get on the road and you’ve got other people, you’ve other cars to avoid, signposted to read – what on earth do you do at a roundabout? But it didn’t take long after passing your test and getting on the road for driving just to become a natural subconscious activity that you don’t even think about now, you just do it.

And this is the same with the way you’re thinking. If you have anxiety at the moment you will have been practicing worrying and thinking about things in a negative way for a long time which will have put your mind in a hyper alert state; in the fight or flight part of your brain that sends a signal to your adrenal grands to produce adrenaline. You can feel adrenaline – it’s what you’re feeling in your stomach when you have anxiety or you worrying, we often call it butterflies or it can feel like nausea.

So, your next step is to change the way you think about things and we can help you do that.

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