It is not news that you can cure yourself of anxiety and depression, we’ve been helping people do just that for years at Old Town Hypnotherapy.

But for some, the pieces of the puzzle are just not falling into place and they are struggling with where to start.  The first piece of the puzzle you need to find is this one.  Listen to Emma’s video about what this piece is, where and how you are going to find it.


The 7 day video crash course is for people who are suffering from anxiety and/or depression and experiencing symptoms for example: anger, insomnia & sleep disorders, panic attacks, OCD, IBS, eating disorders,addictions or migraine and headaches, who want to learn the truth behind their conditions and learn what they need to do to be ‘normal’ again.

This 6 Week Intensive Hypnotherapy and Coaching Course is for people suffering fromstress, anxiety and/or depression and experiencing symptoms such as anger, insomnia, panic attacks, OCD, IBS, eating disorders, addictions, migraine and headaches.

…who are sick and tired of feeling sick, anxious and tired and

have decided to take control of their life and learn how to resolve issues and move forwards.

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