Metaphors don’t need any explanation, your brain will take from it what it needs to and will understand it in a way that is relevant to you.

Watch the video or read the script.

In the Himalayan mountains there lived a Holy Man who wanted to have a deeper

understanding of life and it’s meaning.

On day it got so hot it all the nearby streams dried up

and the holy month forced to dig his own well.

During the course of his difficult labour,

the holy man noticed that many animals were also suffering and

many of them were beginning to die.

Feeling sincere compassion and empathy for these animals

he decided to make them their own trough.

He spent hours and hours in the sweltering heat working on

a trough for the animals

first he had to cut down a large tree and then scrape it out it to make a basin.

As soon as this was finished he began bringing buckets of water from his well

to fill the trough which took all his time.

Slowly the animals in the area came and word spread quickly throughout the region

rabbits, mice and even a tiger all came to share from the trouble made by this generous man

As the summer went on, the animals began to notice that the Holy Man was begining

to lose weight and look ill.  They noticed that he was weakening and that in his generosity

towards them he had greatly neglected his own needs and had not properly stocked

food fast approaching winter.

The animals spoke among themselves and decided to repay its kindness.

They foraged and collecting all kinds of things for him to eat,

Together the animals presented their hoard to the holy man who was so touched by the

animals compassion towards it he continued to fill their trough until the drought

finally came to an end.

Although it did come to an end and the streams did refill, the Holy Man

and the animals continued to remain friends.