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Flatten the Past and Peak the Future is particularly helpful for depression and if you need to let go of past events, feelings of guilt or negative feelings about the past and move on and focus on a better future.

As with any hypnotherapy tracks, you need to listen regularly.  The changes happen over time, not over night, although you will feel better after every listen, even the first one.  With any habit you want to develop, you need to practice regularly, your brain is no different – so play daily, with an open positive mind and notice the difference.

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Everything is shared with you in mind and to help you work towards living a happy, calm, motivated, stress free life where YOU are in control.  This hypnotherapy track is hugely useful, it can help you sleep better at night, aid relaxation and help you to make those first steps to resolving your issues.  However, it is not meant as a complete solution for whatever is troubling you – a FREE Initial Consultation at Old Town Hypnotherapy at one of our branches will help you to work out your next step to a happy, calm, motivated, stress free life where YOU are in control.