About Hypnotherapy

depression, low mood, miserableThis is the about hypnotherapy page, it’s just a link to What is Hypnotherapy and What to Expect sub-pages.

From this About Hypnotherapy page readers can go on to read about what is hypnotherapy and understand a bit more about what to expect.  When people come for hypnotherapy at Old Town Hypnotherapy, initially, they will come for a free initial consultation and have a chat with one of the qualified solution focused hypnotherapists.  During that first appointment, the hypnotherapist will explain more about hypnosis, what it feels like to be in hypnosis and in a trance, which is very normal.  Then the local hypnotherapist will explain about the brain and why we suffer from conditions such as anxiety and depression and how hypnotherapy can give you help for anxiety and how it can provide help for depression as well as related symptoms such as IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, OCD obsessive compulsive disorder, anger management, insomnia and sleep disorders.

Hypnotherapy provides effective help for many conditions and you can find out where we operate from by clicking any of the links below.

Then leading on from here, clients usually go to look at

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