How to Get On With Your Boss Better

Top 5 Tips of How To Get On With Your Boss Better

We all come across ‘challenging’ people in our lives, but when it’s our boss, it is in our interest to get on with them, so here are 5 top tips of how to get your boss on side and loving you:-

1. You Can’t Change Someone Else

but you can change how you’re dealing with them.  Blaming the other person just causes you the stress, it doesn’t change a thing, so take control and decide to do things differently.

2. Every Action Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction

People who interact frequently slip into habits of reacting to each other in the same way and, not surprisingly, always get the same results.  You can break this pattern by consciously changing how you act and this will subconsciously force a change in the reaction of your boss.

3. Ask their Opinion

Bosses know everything (or think they do!) so ask them, they won’t think any less of you for it.  Try “Do you think I should do this …. or this ….”  They will support you in whatever you do, because it was their decision. It’s more effective than fretting over the right course of action, worrying about a potential conflict for getting it wrong.

4. Massage Their Ego

Bosses can have big egos but are also human and need affirmation sometimes.  It’s not sucking up (if you don’t overdo it), but if you ask “how did you do that”, you will get them sharing their expertise and taking you under their wing.  They need to feel important and successful, so let them know you admire what they’ve achieved.

5. Be On Their Team

A boss is incredibly loyal to the team.  They might never tell you what a great job you’ve been doing, but you can bet they are telling other people and if anyone criticises you, they will defend you vehemently.   Cross them however, and they will rally the team and their supporters against you – so be on their team.