Goodnight Caterpillar


The Good Night Caterpillar

by Lori Lite


(Change the gender in the goodnight caterpillar script if you are reading to a boy)

A child sat in a meadow.  The beautiful scent of wild flowers wafted all around her and she could feel the gentle breeze on her skin.  She could feel the warm sun on her face.

A rustle in the grass awakened the girl from her quiet moment.  A caterpillar, tied up in knots, tumbled out from beneath her.  “Why are you in knots?” asked the child.

The caterpillar answered in a rushed voice.  “I’m all in knots because I’m very uptight and I’m in a very big hurry.”

“My goodness!  Why are you in such a hurry?”

“I have to hurry,” the caterpillar answered.

“I have to find lots of leaves to eat.  I have to eat them quickly so that I can grow big enough to spin a cocoon.

I have to search and find the perfect spot to build my cocoon.  Once I do that my work really begins.  I have to spin myself a cocoon, all before the sun goes down.”

The child giggled and said, “Just close your eyes and take a deep breath.  I will show you how to slow down, relax and even see things more clearly.”

With a steady, soothing voice the child spoke these words.  “You are going to relax your feet.  You will relax your feet.  Your feet are relaxing.  Your feet are relaxed.”

Surprisingly enough, all of the caterpillar’s feet relaxed.

The child continued.  “You are going to relax your legs.  You will relax your legs.  Your legs are relaxing.  Your legs are relaxed.”

The caterpillar’s legs dropped gently towards the welcoming earth.

The child took a deep breath and whispered.  “You are going to relax your body.  You will relax your body.  Your body is relaxing.  Your body is relaxed.”

The caterpillar’s body untangled as he stretched out on the cool grass.

The child spoke slowly.  “you are going to relax your arms. You will relax your arms.  Your arms are relaxing.  You arms are relaxed.”

The caterpillar’s arms began to unfold.

The child continued.

“You are going to relax your face.  You will relax your face.  Your face is relaxing.  Your face is relaxed”.

The caterpillar felt the muscles in his face soften.

The child spoke slowly

“You are going to relax your mind.  You will relax your mind.  Your mind is relaxing.  Your mind is relaxed”.

The caterpillar felt his mind become clear and still.

The caterpillar enjoyed how relaxed his body felt.  He focused on how his breath was filling his tummy with warm air.  The world felt peaceful.

The caterpillar stayed very still for the next few moments.  He felt his breath move in and out, touching every cell of his body.

After a few moments, the caterpillar felt ready to open his eyes.  The world looked different to him now.  Above his head he could clearly see plenty of green leaves to eat.

Just above the leaves he noticed a strong stem.  The stem had a gentle curve that created a wonderful, protected spot for his cocoon.

The caterpillar climbed the stem with great balance.

He began to eat the juicy green leaves.  His nourished body grew plumper with each bite.

He felt strong and healthy.  The caterpillar was confident that he could accomplish what he had set out to do.

The caterpillar anchored himself to the stem.  With skill and ease, he began to encase himself in a warm silky cocoon.  The sun filled the cocoon with pure white light.

The cocoon felt soft and safe.

The caterpillar thanked the child with a wink and said “goodnight.”  They both knew that tomorrow would bring wonderful adventures for each of them.