How To Stop People Taking Advantage Of You

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 – What motivates some people to take advantage of others?

Lesson 1 looks at what motivates people to take advantage of others and helps you realign perspectives about personalities. Wouldn’t the world be boring if we were all the same? Lesson 1 introduces the self hypnosis track ‘boundaries’ which accompanies the course.

Lesson 2 – Personality Archetypes – who are you?

Lesson 2 explains the three major personality types and how each personality type views their relationship with other people. It identifies your personality type and asks you to identify the people around you so you can understand better why they behave the way they do.

Lesson 3 – Givers and Takers

In Lesson 3 you will gain insight into the dynamics between ‘givers’ and ‘takers’ and who really has the control in this relationship before beginning to understand how you can legitimately say ‘no’ without feeling guilty about it. Lesson 3 ends with an exercise to identify the takers in your life.

Lesson 4 – Case Study of a typical giver vs a typical taker

Lesson 4 starts with a case study of a typical friendship relationship between a giver and a taker and then looks at the differences in perspective before asking the question ‘Who’s responsibility is it to make changes’. Insight into other people is a fascinating lesson in understanding that people, especially friends, can understand life in a completely different way which can lead to problems.

Lesson 5 – Workplace Boundaries

Lesson 5 uses a real life case study of an extreme workaholic to teach us why working less is more. If you have a busy responsible job with a demanding boss this may seem unlikely but by understanding how putting healthy boundaries down around work can actually improve your performance, increase respect from others and gain promotion you might change your mind.

Lesson 6 – Family Pressures

Lesson 6 explores the tricky situation of family pressures and obligations. Those you love can unwittingly take advantage and because you love them you want to do your best by them. However, if allowed to continue can lead to resentment and in extreme cases the person putting themselves out too much becoming ill through keeping the overwhelm to themselves.

Lesson 7 – How to change how other people are behaving towards you.

In Lesson 7 you will learn effective passive strategies for changing how people behave towards you. You will be able to stop someone treating you as if you were put on earth to serve them without them ever realising anything has changed. You will learn the secrets to stopping unhealthy behaviour patterns that will put you in control of the situation without any conflict.

Lesson 8 – It’s Time to Put YOU First

Lesson 8 is about getting to grips with the concept that looking after yourself as a priority is selfless and not selfish. Having healthy relationships is about taking responsibility for keeping yourself healthy and that begins with you looking after you. In this lesson you will learn why it is not only OK to take care of your own needs first, it is essential.

Lesson 9 – Ten easy ways to deliver a guilt free ‘No’

Lesson 9 provides you with ten ‘done for you’ ways of saying ‘no’. We know what it’s like, someone puts you on the spot and before you’ve even had chance to think of an appropriate answer your mouth has opened before you’re brain has engaged and you’ve said ‘yes’ again when you wanted to say no. Practice some of these ways of saying no, use whichever resonates with you best, but they will all come across as positive to the receiving person.

Lesson 10 – Summary

Lesson 10 concludes the series on How to stop people taking advantage of you by summarising the main points that put you back in control of the dynamics in your relationships so you can easily say no without feeling guilty about it. People are OK with hearing ‘no’ and your life will be much less stressful and free of anxiety when you’re clear about your boundaries.

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