Week 5 – What is Your Dominant Personality Archetype?

Answer the following questions as honestly as your can to determine your most dominant personality type.

On a separate piece of paper make a note of which answer you resonate with most to each questions a, b or c.

Remember there is no right or wrong and none of the personalities are better than others, whichever one you are is right for you and you can learn how to use your strengths to enhance your life.



You have bought some flat pack furniture do you?

a.Read the Instructions, check everything is there and then put it together as the instructions tell you to – of course you do, the instructions tell you how to do it correctly why would you do it any other way?
b.Tip the box upside down and empty everything out on the floor, look at the picture and figure out how to do it, if you can’t do it within 10 minutes, have a strop, then look at the instructions as a last resort
c.You wouldn’t really want to attempt it, you would give it to someone else if possible, get someone to help you or get mates around and make a social event out of it.


You’re going out for an evening with friends, do you?

a.Take an active part in deciding where to go and you try and persuade everyone to go to a place you regularly go which is really good
b.You usually go along with the majority decision but quietly you would rather have gone somewhere else or if you really don’t want to go there, you make an excuse to not go out at all.
c.You go along with what everyone else wants to do, you are more than happy to do what the others want.


You go to a party, which group of people would you feel most comfortable talking to?

a.The group who are discussing a subject you know quite a lot about
b.The group who are being quite loud and having a laugh, or you go with the group who have decided to leave because there is another party which sounds more fun
c.You would probably stick with the people you went to the part with, but you don’t really mind as long as they were people who like you.


At work, or in life in general do you?

a.Tend to follow rules and procedures, they are there for a reason
b.There are procedures? You follow the rules when they suit you
c.You usually follow the rules because you don’t want to cause a problem or make anyone angry at you if you did it wrong and you would worry if you didn’t.


You are impressed most by people who

a.Have worked hard and achieved qualifications and status
b.Have done something different with their life
c.Have a built a loving family unit despite adversity


Which best describes your holidays?

a.You like familiarity and knowing your surroundings, so once you have found somewhere you like, you tend to go back again.
b.Holidays are never long enough and you like to try new places
c.You don’t mind as long as you’re with friends or family, but you are always ready to come home again at the end.


How do you view your future?

a.You like to set long term goals and you know what you have to do to work towards them, onwards and upwards.
b.You have a vision of your future, but this can change as the plan unfolds. Life has a way of taking off in different directions.
c.You don’t really have any big plans, as long as the family are happy and your partner loves you, whatever else happens is just fate.


If someone asks for your advice do you?

a.Happily give them the benefit of your wisdom, but it annoys you if people then don’t take your advice – why did they ask?
b.You would tell them what you would do if you were in that situation, if they take the advice or not is up to them.
c.You would make a cup of tea, listen and sympathise while they talked their own way into a solution


In an argument where you know you’re right do you?

a.Stay and argue until you have managed to make them see you’re right and they have changed their mind
b.Tell them what you think, then if necessary agree to differ, they’re entitled to their point of view, even if they are wrong
c.Avoid a conflict at all costs, you may know you’re right, but you would agree with them to avoid an argument.


When you hit a major problem in life do you?

a.Work you way through it
b.Assess how important it is and whether you have to stay and solve it or there is alternative direction or path you can take.
c.Worry about it and seek help


Which do you MOST agree with?

a.I like routine and structure
b.I like change, there’s an exciting world out there
c.I like a quite life where everyone is fit, healthy and happy


Mostly A’s

If you are more drawn to the ‘A’ answers your dominant personality type is Warrior. You are comfortable making decisions and like to be being in control of your life. You have strong opinions about right and wrong and you always strive to be the best at what you do. You are happy giving advice and instruction to other people and get a lot of satisfaction out of teaching someone to do something. As a leader or teacher you will teach someone to do something the right way and show them step by step how to do it correctly. Control is your watchword


Mostly B’s

If you answered mostly B to the questions, your dominant personality type is Nomad. You have a chameleon like personality where you can fit in with any situation you choose and can adapt easily to different groups of people. You pick up new jobs and skills easily, you are a jack of all trades and master of none and this is because you don’t have the attention span of a Warrior, you get bored easily and once something has lost your attention, you’re off on the next exciting adventure. As a teacher you are charismatic and always make the lesson interesting and fun. You teach by concept, how someone gets to the answer is irrelevant, there is usually more than one way, it’s the end result which is important, not the process. Change is your watchword


Mostly C’s

Your dominant personality is Settler if C’s came up most often for you. You are all about people, families are very important as are friendships and you are the person who always remembers to send a birthday card or phone someone if they have been ill to check how they are. You are very good with children and people in general, putting their feelings above your own needs, you have a tendency to put everyone else first. You are great in a caring role, if someone in the family is ill, you will be the one running around making home made chicken soup, getting blankets and making them comfortable on the sofa in front of the TV. You don’t understand why people are horrible sometimes, you would never intentionally upset someone and if you know you have, it will worry you. You avoid conflict and if there is conflict in the family, you wont rest until you have got them to make up and be happy again. People is your watchword.

If you are interested in learning more about your personality archetype and how you can develop your strengths and understand your weaknesses, I would highly recommend investing in the book by Terence Watts, Warriors Settlers & Nomads.

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If you are having difficulty with someone in particular or a number of people, it may well be that they are a strong Warrior personality.  I wrote an article that included strategies for dealing with difficult people that you might find useful.  Click the pic above to read it now.

Now, time to scale yourself on the Happiness Scale before going on to this week’s hypnosis session

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