Holidays Build Bonds and Increase Productivity (But No One is Taking Them)

Guest Author – Henry Moore

Journalists report that more than three quarters of workers don’t take all of their allotted holiday time each year. That’s unfortunate, since time off has numerous mental and physical benefits that can actually increase your productivity and enhance your quality-of-life in the long term.

Brain drain

It might seem counterintuitive, but stepping away from the office is one of the best ways you can ramp up your output. Joe Robinson, a work-life balance coach and Entrepreneur contributor, explains that, “continuous time on-task sets off strain reactions…”

These reactions, which often present with irritability, fatigue, and depleted mental, physical, and emotional resources, translate into poor performance and job burnout. Even more alarming, prolonged cognitive overload, such as that experienced in the workplace, may trigger chronic fatigue, which, according to research scientists and outlined in a 2011 National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) publication, may be irreversible.

Family impact

If brain drain and poor work performance aren’t convincing motivators, parents should consider the impact of family holidays on their children’s happiness and well-being. Experts including those at the Journal of Consumer Research, report that experiential gifts foster closer parent-child bonds than material gifts. It’s believed that experiences, including family holidays, spark more intense emotions and thus have a long-lasting positive mental effect on children. Even when families do holiday together, inability to disconnect from work may have a negative impact on children. The Harvard Business Review notes that, although parents are technically spending more time with their children, this time is parallel to screen time that includes checking work emails. And with 80% of children noticing their parents’ job-related stress at home, it is more important than ever to step away from work completely and focus on building familial bonds.

Getaway gains

Taking time away from work offers a number of positive social, psychological, and physical benefits. A change of venue can reduce stress and help your body rest and wind down. It’s widely theorised that we need time away to recharge in order to best utilise our cognitive flexibility and make deep connections with our world and those in it. Studies have shown that even the anticipation of a vacation is a pleasurable experience that can offer a much needed mood boost. It isn’t just the mind that benefits from time away from work. Studies have found that men who fail to utilise annual holiday time are significantly (30%) more at-risk of heart disease. Furthermore, 90% of travelers notice a marked decrease in the signs and symptoms of stress within 24 hours of clocking out.

Make it count

You don’t have to take a expensive holidays overseas to enjoy the positive benefits of convalescence. No matter where you choose to chill, it’s important to slow down. Try to avoid over-planning and allow for downtime to take a nap, lay in the sun, or enjoy a good meal with your family. Holidays are most enjoyable when crowds are not a concern, so consider traveling in the low season or visiting areas not overrun with tourist traps.

For less stress…

Early preparation is the key to enjoying your vacation, no matter where you go. Check average temperatures for both day and night hours and pack proper attire. Finally, put work on the back burners until you return. After all, a holiday isn’t a holiday if you’re busy putting out fires instead of fanning the flames of your freedom.

I would like to thank Henry for his interesting article this week and I totally agree, you need to take time out from the daily grind to reconnect with what’s important in life.  The last couple of weeks have proven that to myself again, whilst over in the UK I took the time out and made the effort to visit friends and family, some of which I haven’t seen for years.  It was a wonderfully therapeutic experience and whats more, my creativity soared and my productivity rocketed.


Wishing you health, wealth, happiness and success

Lower Anxiety Lift Depression

by Emma Triplett

If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, now is the time to take action and get your life back on track!

Lower Anxiety Lift Depression will explain the reason for anxiety and depression so you understand what you can do to deal with the issues that are restricting your life, realise you can take control and recover quickly.


Let’s Begin....


The first step is to understand why anxiety or depression develops. Many people feel the reason for their issues is down to a specific problem or event that has deeply moved them; for example, the break-up of a relationship, financial problems, or illness. But, these are things that are worrying them, they are not the reason for anxiety or depression.

The first step to recovering is learning the truth about the real cause of anxiety or depression. Lower Anxiety Lift Depression includes seven professional video tutorials, one each day, to watch at your own pace. No pressure, no deadlines, no targets, and no confusing science; just Emma Triplett, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychologist and Life Coach, explaining why this is happening. Emma exercises empathy and shows great insight in explaining how to deal with anxiety and depression, how to banish it for good, and how to achieve peace of mind and happiness.

With Lower Anxiety Lift Depression, you can be happy, calm, motivated, stress-free and in control.


The Good News After the Bad


Depression and anxiety stem from chemical reactions in the brain. The bad news is that they cannot be seen and they are not always easy to understand. But the good news is that they can be controlled by you (no prescription medication necessary).

Take steps to recognise what has gone wrong and identify what needs to change and it is possible to learn what needs to be done to take control.

This video series is perfect for anyone who is ready to take responsibility for themselves and their life and is prepared to open their mind to learning new ways of dealing with things. Now is the time to enrol on the course Lower Anxiety Lift Depression.


Understanding Anxiety and Depression


When someone is in the grip of anxiety or depression, their brain gets stuck in a mode that is meant for dealing with crisis, emergency and danger. That’s why they might feel like they are going round and round in circles, doing the same thing over and again not able to break free of the thought patterns or are too scared to try anything different in case it doesn't work or something even worse happens. Worrying about the worst case scenario or feeling nothing will every work are typical thought patterns for anxiety and depression, the difference between the two is that people with anxiety tend to worry and what-if about the future and people with depression negatively introspect about themselves, their life and the past.  Many people do both and many develop other symptoms of anxiety and depression such as anger, suffer from sleep disorders, panic attacks, migraines, IBS, eating disorders, addictions, OCD, and so on.


Banish the Irrational Voices for Good


It helps to look at the situation as having two voices inside our head. The logical, rational, intellectual part of our mind battles against the irrational, emotional, primitive part. This is the part that imagines the worst possible scenario to prepare us for what could go wrong. Someone suffering from depression or anxiety is likely to be letting the irrational, emotional, primitive part of their mind win the argument.

But it can be quietened. It is possible to banish it for good and put the logical, rational, intellectual part back in control.

Lower Anxiety, Lift Depression. A seven-day video course that will help get the real you back.


What to Expect From Lower Anxiety Lift Depression


- A video delivered to your inbox every day for seven days

- A special bonus video module on day eight

- A free self-hypnosis MP3 track

- A recommended reading list to guide you if you want more information

- One-to-one email support from Emma Triplett, DPH, HPD, MNCH(Reg), AfSFH, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychologist & Life Coach

- A money back guarantee if you are not happy about what you receive for any reason.

- Full course lesson plan that you can do at your own speed or refer back to as many times as you like.


With this course you will learn


- why we develop anxiety and/or depression

- how the brain works, explained in an unscientific way everyone will understand

- how we influence the world around us, good and bad, just by our thoughts

- how your hormones and neurotransmitters are affected and how you can directly influence that to become happy, calm, motivated, stress free and in control.

- strategies of how to deal with toxic people around you more effectively.

- what makes you tick and where it all goes right or wrong for you.

- why something needs to change in your life

- what needs to change

- your fundamental needs as a human being and why, when this goes wrong, anxiety and/or depression can develop.


Who should take this course


- Lower Anxiety Lift Depression is for people who are suffering from anxiety and/or depression and experiencing symptoms such as  anger, insomnia & sleep disorders, panic attacks, OCD, IBS, eating disorders, addictions or migraine and headaches,

- People who want to understand why they have anxiety and depression (it probably not what you think)

- Those who want to learn what they can do to take control and be 'normal' again.

I bought the course for help in dealing with my depression and anxiety, I hoped that doing the course would help to ease my symptoms.  The course exceeded my expectations, I was given pills for my anxiety and have found that I have not needed to take them.*


Milton Keynes

First class course which is excellent value for money. Emma went above and beyond to ensure it ran smoothly and provide further information to help answer any questions. I highly recommend the books and courses.*


Hemel Hempstead

How does it work?

Starting today you will receive a video lesson a day for seven days, plus a bonus module that you can keep and refer to whenever you need.   Each lesson is delivered at the same time each day and you will receive the first lesson instantly in your inbox, even if it's 2am. You will also receive a full lesson plan so if you miss a lesson, need to refer back or even if you are keen and want to work ahead you can access any of the lessons whenever is convenient for you.

Free Gift

With lesson 1 you will also receive a free hypnotherapy MP3 download to use along side this course with full instructions of how to use it so you can maximise its benefits.  You will also receive a 'Wednesday's Thought' every week which is midweek inspiration for you to ponder and on Saturdays I send you the weekly article which has been inspired by readers or guest writers on topics that help you go through life more easily.

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