You Are What You Hear

Author & Video – Emma Triplett

We often give little thought to how we’re thinking even though we get involved in what we are thinking.

Your rational mind knows that much of the time you are just using your imagination, but somehow you still believe it as true. Becoming aware of how you are thinking is skill that will change your life and understanding how your subconscious thought patterns influence whether your life is easy or like swimming through treacle will give you the skills to shape your future exactly how you would like it to be.

Every time you think and talk you are also giving your subconscious mind instructions on how to act whilst programming the filters that allow in or block out information.

If you think in a negative way, your subconscious brain is taking instruction, for example, if you think in terms of ‘I don’t know how to …’ or ‘I can’t because’ or ‘I will never …’ you are basically telling yourself not to even bother trying because you have already decided it’s not possible, therefore it is a self fulfilling prophecy.

What if you swapped every one of those statements around into ‘I need to find out how to …’ or ‘how can I ..’ or ‘One day I will …’ ?

Immediately you have given your brain a positive instruction that you want to know the answers to those questions or set an intention for the future, you’ve given your amazingly powerful super conscious something it can do and it will make you happy.

What about self sabotaging statements like ‘I have to make sacrifices’?  It could be seen as positive on the surface, but if you tell yourself and believe you are making a sacrifice or giving something up, you are operating in a negative context that reveal more about your subconscious thought patterns than you may be aware.  Sacrifice and giving things up creates a resentment that you don’t need in your subconscious, maybe not immediately, but what you do want will override it at some point or another.

Dieting is a great example of this, people who yoyo diet typically focus on what they can’t have, they focus on the foods they really enjoy that they have to ‘give up’, inevitably falling off the wagon and bouncing back to a former unwanted weight when they start eating those things again.

Smoking is another example, people who lapse think of it in terms of ‘giving up’, people who stop permanently think in terms of stopping, not giving up.

In both cases focusing on what you have to gain – confidence, health and vitality and imaging yourself as you want to be and will be when you’ve achieved your goals is far more likely to give you the success you’re looking for.

But there is a more sinister undercurrent to the negative introspecting about the past and that’s depression.  Focusing on what you can’t have or what you had in the past that you can no longer have are typical thought patterns that lead to depression.

This is why it is so important to understand the consequences of how you are thinking, not just get involved in what you are thinking and remember to switch thoughts around into positive instruction for your superconscious of what you want.

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How To Manage People Who Are Over Controlling

by Emma Triplett

What if you could have your partner, your teenage children, your boss and even your mother-in-law bending to your will ….without ever getting into conflict!

With the ten strategies they will think they’ve made the decision themselves!

They work with anyone, the jobs-worth behind the counter at the post office, your children’s teachers at school, that bloke or woman at work who seems to have been employed just to cause you stress and anxiety and, you don’t have to directly confront or challenge anyone; in fact these strategies will teach you NOT to be confrontational, ever. Imagine the smile on your face knowing your difficult boss has just made the exact decision you wanted him/her to and they had no idea it was your decision.

I know how it feels….

You’re having sleepless nights worrying about trying to persuade someone else at work to do their part of a project so you can do your job well, but you just know they’re going to be difficult and deliberately obstructive.

Your partner is being a control freak and you know the more you try and change their mind, the more they will dig their stubborn heels in.

Your teenagers just seem to do exactly the opposite of what you want them to and you’re worried they’re going to get themselves into trouble, or

You know you deserve a pay rise at work, but everyone else who has asked the boss so far has been turned down, how can you approach it without getting a ‘No’?

…and have you ever noticed how some people make getting what they want look so easy? Then you try to do the same thing, and you just end up hitting a brick wall. It’s frustrating because its knocks your confidence and it’s upsetting.  Seems like you just can’t get a decision in your favour because everyone puts their own agenda first.

I understand because I used to get walked all over at work or I would feel like I was fighting to get what I wanted every step of the way and in my relationships I was always the one to compromise and to give in. If I did get into conflict with someone, I would worry about it for days afterwards.

It’s not your fault.

It’s just that you are approaching things head on and no one has ever taught you any strategies for managing controlling people.

All that changes right now with this new course that is jam packed with everything you need to know that will have controlling people to bend to your will and make them love and respect you in the process.

You know how some people seem to get their own way by running roughshod over others and relish a good conflict or argument, well I don’t, I hate conflict and before I learned about this, I would rather give in than get into an argument.

But that all changed when I studied the psychology of personality archetypes and I finally understood what made different people tick, how the different personality types approached situations in different ways and reacted to other people depending on that person’s ‘type’.

I was able to identify which particular ‘personality type’ tended to clause conflict and understanding their particular personality traits I could use that knowledge to get them to work with me instead of against me.

I used to be a foster carer for teenagers, many of them came from very difficult backgrounds brought up with physical and verbal violence; confrontation was ‘normal’ for them.  I use these strategies with them and I never had a cross word or an argument with any of them.  They were always respectful and polite and I never had to come across as the authority and ‘force’ them into doing anything, it was always their decision.

I then tested these strategies with others, and they got the same results as I did. For example, one of my clients, who had recently been promoted to a manager in her company, was having a problem with one of her team, the biggest instigator in lowering morale in the department and would challenge every decision my client made – and in front of the team!  I taught her these strategies and now that colleague is her greatest ally and the one playing chief whip on her behalf in the department.


What is included in this course?


- Twelve daily lessons delivered to your in box at the same time each day.

- Ten highly effective strategies for managing over controlling people without conflict that you can use with anyone.

- Free self hypnosis MP3 to download with full instructions of how to correctly use self hypnosis to get the most out of it.

- Full email support with a senior hypnotherapist

- Full course lesson plan that you can do at your own speed or refer back to as many times as you like.


With this course you will


- Understand what motivates over controlling people

- Discover their positive and negative personality traits.

- Learn different techniques and strategies you can try out without anyone else being any wiser.

- Understand who these difficult people are and why they cause us anxiety, upset and anger?

- Learn tried and tested secrets for getting on with absolutely anyone, even the most grumpy boss or controlling mother-in-law

- Discover how to change their attitude towards you without them realising they’re doing it.

- Learn what NOT to do when dealing with difficult people – those things that are guaranteed to create a brick wall of resistance and cause conflict.

- Gain anyone’s respect effortlessly

- Learn short and long term strategies and when best to use then.

- Eliminate conflict with people in your life forever

- Experience the satisfaction of turning people who caused you nothing but problems and stress into your greatest supporter

- Learn the easy way of getting your decisions made for you.


Who should take this course


- People who have controlling people in their lives

- Those who want to progress in their career and impress the boss

- People who don't like conflict

- People who feel other people are ignoring their wishes

- Those who get frustrated at never being able to do the things they want to because someone else has a different plan

- People who need to influence other people

- Managers who want to get their best out of their department staff

- Anyone who has to manage other people in a social or professional capacity and comes across difficult people

- Customer service representatives

- Anyone with strong willed children or teenagers

- People who keep coming into conflict with friends, family or at work


How does it work?

Starting today you will receive an email a day for twelve days that you can keep and refer to whenever you need.   Each lesson is delivered at the same time each day and you will receive the first lesson instantly in your inbox, even if it's 2am. You will also receive a full lesson plan so if you miss anything, need to refer back or even if you are keen and want to work ahead you can access any of the lessons whenever is convenient for you.

Free Gift

With the first email you will also receive a free hypnotherapy MP3 download to use along side this course with full instructions of how to use it so you can maximise its benefits.  You will also receive a 'Wednesday's Thought' every week which is midweek inspiration for you to ponder and on Saturdays I send you the weekly article which has been inspired by readers or guest writers on topics that help you go through life more easily.

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