Help with Relationships & People

Without a doubt the single most common thing that contributes to our anxiety and/or depression is other people.

People in our lives, whether they be family, friends, partners, work colleagues or even neighbours, can be a source of stress, anxiety, depression and, not least, anger and upset.

But we need other people.  Humans don’t deal well with being isolated, we’re tribal by nature and even though it is easy to live independently on a practical basis to be emotionally and mentally healthy we need other people in our lives.

Learning strategies for dealing with other people easily, happily and effectively and protecting ourselves emotionally from the things other people do will not only reduce stress and anxiety it will help us to live happy and fulfilled lives.

This eBook is for people who hate conflict

What if you could have your partner, your teenage children, your boss and even your mother-in-law bending to your will ….without ever getting into conflict!

With these 10 stealth strategies, they will think they’ve made the decision themselves!

Are you one of those lovely people who is always there to help but end up resenting others for taking too much – and feeling bad about resenting them!

Do you feel guilty for saying No?

It is time to redress the balance

You can be that lovely person and say ‘No’ when you need to without feeling bad about it or guilty

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