Self Hypnosis tracks work at a subconscious level, they help to form positive neural pathways in your mind and trigger thought patterns that help you to find the answers you’re looking for and make the changes you want.  They help widen your perspective on situations and issues and you will notice you are thinking about things differently, more positively and/or letting go of old issues.

Instructions for self hypnosisTo realise all these benefits to the maximum you need to listen regularly, hypnosis tracks are like practising a skill in your subconscious mind – if you do it once, it will be nice, you will relax and the subject matter may prompt you to think about things differently, but when you practice daily, the new thought patterns become habits.  For example, if you practice using the Confidence track on a daily basis, over time you will naturally start to feel more confident because new neural pathways have formed in your mind that are strengthened by daily practice.

Every track comes with a free introduction and instruction track, it is important to listen to this before starting a self hypnosis program.

Lower Anxiety Lift Depression

If I could choose only one track, this would be the one – This is the track I give to everyone who comes for private hypnotherapy sessions. Most conditions are symptoms of anxiety and depression so understand and resolve these and your symptoms will fade away. (25 mins, 58 secs)


Confidence self hypnosis track will, as suggested, help with self confidence and confidence in ones own abilities to do the things you need to do.  Lack of confidence is a contributor to both anxiety and depression and we could all do with a little extra confidence from time to time. (39 mins 05 secs)

Flatten the Past, Peak the Future

Flatten The Past, Peak The Future is particularly helpful for depression. Depression encourages you to negatively introspect about the past, yourself and your life; this track will help you let go of old traumas and the past and focus on building a better positive future. (32 mins 04 secs)

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Other people cause us more anxiety and stress than anything else.  We can’t change other people or how they’re behaving, but we can change how we’re dealing with it.  This relaxing MP3 will help you resurrect your personal boundaries and feel OK about doing it. (30 mins, 14 secs)

Float Away Stress

Float Away Stress is guided imagery self hypnosis MP3.  Take 30 minutes out of your day for yourself to get comfortable, close your eyes and follow the picture painted in your mind. You will relax, wind down, sink into the couch and the stresses of the day will just fade away. (25 mins 29 secs)

Letting Go

Sometimes we hold onto things that we should let go of.  Your subconscious does not understand time in the same way your conscious brain does and so we can find ourselves obsessing about past issues or worrying about future ones.  Time Capsule will help you let go. (24 mins, 34 secs)

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Taking Opportunities

Taking Opportunities self hypnosis track will give you the confidence to make changes and step outside your comfort zone.  It will help you reflect on positive decisions you’ve made in the past and recognise that you are capable of making the right decisions now. (29 mins, 28 secs)

Goal Achievement

Goal Achievement will help you focus and stay on track.  But it will also reveal the secret to achieving your goals, there is a strategy and a psychology that makes the difference between success and giving up, this track will turbo boost your efforts at a subconscious level. (29 mins, 28 secs)

Old Town Hypnotherapy Album

If you can’t decide which one will be most useful for you right now, you can download the whole album.  The one you enjoy most will be the right one for you right now, your subconscious is picking up on something you need to hear.  As time goes on, this will change and something else will be important at that time.  They will all be of benefit

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