7 Day Video Course for Anxiety and Depression

Lesson Plan

Day 1

Learn exactly how anxiety and depression develop and why.

Day 2

Understand how the subject of your focus and attention effects anxiety and depression and alters your moods.

Day 3

Discover how you are influencing the physiology of your mind and body and how that effects anxiety and depression

Day 4

Understand how and why other people in your life affect anxiety and depression and what you need to do to protect yourself.

Day 5

Identify your personality archetype and understand why you react the way you do to other people and developed your particular symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Day 6

Discover why you are stuck in the vicious cycle of anxiety and depression and what you can do to get out of it.

Day 7

Learn what essentials elements you need in your life to be happy and not worry and how you can identify what is missing from your life that is contributing to anxiety and depression.

Bonus Module

You need to complete Day 7 to unlock the bonus module

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