How to Manage People Who Are Controlling

Strategy 9 – Parallel Examples

Control Freaks have a hierarchical impression of the world they live in, they will either aspire to other people or judge them as inferior in some way, they will evaluate themselves against others, that’s how they know how well they are doing. Their evaluation is quite formal, they will have respect for people with qualifications (that they value) or position and status and, as they are competitive and always aiming to progress, they are quietly influenced by those they admire or respect.

So if you want to plant an idea, use an example of someone they admire having done something similar – it might be a friend or someone seen as successful at work or someone in the public eye they respect, but not someone they are jealous of – the keeping up with the Jones’ syndrome could backfire if there is any rivalry there, it needs to be someone they clearly identify as someone to aspire to, not someone they’re competitive with.

You could say something about an interview in a magazine you saw about ‘said admired person’ or it can be more general to achieve a specific result – “I read on the Royal Society of Architect’s (formally qualified people) website the other day that the building regulations have changed about loft conversions….”

Then just leave it to settle. It’s not you saying the laws have changed, it’s the Royal Society of Architects saying it. The difference is they have formal qualifications in that field. The information will go in and then you can use other strategies so slowly drip feed your desires or intention.

They would respect the opinion of a doctor, even if it is not about a medical matter over the opinion of Mr Jones next door who might be an expert in the field of discussion but without formal qualifications.

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