How to Manage People Who Are Controlling

Strategy 7 – Plant the seed and let it grow

If there is something you really want or need to do, but you think the Control Freak is unlikely to readily agree, this is a great strategy – can be a slow burner, but worth the wait.

Just plant the idea in their mind, sit back and let it grow – so mention something in passing or tell them about someone else who had success with something similar and leave it.  Invariably it will come back at you as their idea, let it be.  You know whose idea it was, but that’s not important. For example, say you want to move team or a promotion or have an idea for a project, just mention it in passing, wait and see what happens, then when they say to you, “what do you think about this…” or “I heard that worked quite well for …” just tell them what a good idea you think it is and have a little smile to yourself.  They will probably have forgotten it was your idea in the first place – other people will know and most importantly you will know.

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