How to Manage People Who Are Controlling

Strategy 6 – Ask Their Advice

A Control Freak loves to give their advice, so ask them, even if you don’t need it.

They won’t think any less of you for it, they will be too busy fluffing up their feathers having been asked their opinion.  Especially if you’ve got a boss or a partner who is like this.  Try asking “Do you think I should do this …. or this ….”  They will support you in whatever it is you do, because after all it was their idea (as far as they’re concerned), but again, the choices were yours. It is easier to do that than fretting over the right course of action worrying about a potential conflict for getting it wrong, because you can bet it will be the wrong decision if you make it!

Don’t forget controlling people have to change your decision as a matter of principal they don’t even realise they are doing it most of the time, they just need to get their way, so if you are trying to manage someone who is like that, it is helpful to the overall cause to ask their opinion.

Remember the bigger picture getting them onside, building trust and rapport with them, so when there is something you particularly need, they are more likely to think of it favourably.  Instead of being a source of irritation for them, they will take you under their wing and the other strategies become easier to use.

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