How to Manage People Who Are Controlling


Being able to step back and accept someone for who they are without making it about personalities and right or wrong is a skill that takes practice.

Two controlling people together can work very well because they understand how each other operates and thinks – or they can clash and lock horns. Armed with the knowledge and understanding of how yourself and other people operate puts YOU in control with the ability to do something different and change the dynamic of the relationship into something positive and mutually beneficial. Choosing to blame the other person for being at fault doesn’t achieve or change a thing.

The path of least resistance is the key, win strategically, don’t go into battle face to face, the person it cases stress and anxiety to is YOU, not them.  When you are struggling to get to sleep with the frustration and upset of a conflict with someone, the control freak is sleeping like a baby.  Control freaks love a good conflict, it wont bother them in the slightest, in fact it will just serve to make them more adamant they are right and have to win.

Remember – Control Freaks MUST have the last word – absolutely MUST! So my advice – let them. Especially if this is by text or email. Stop the conversation by allowing them the last word – you can always suggest you meet to discuss or come back to it – to which they will answer, but if you refuse to carry on the conversation, they don’t have anywhere to go with it. Just allow them the last word and leave it at that.

Change how you are doing things and the control freak will have no idea they are actually doing what you want, they will believe it is you who is following their decisions and will turn into your best ally. Win Win and EVERYONE is happy, relaxed, calm and IN CONTROL.

It is incredibly empowering to discover that you can change the way someone else perceives you, to gain their respect and support and the choice of how you do that is yours.

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How To Stop People Taking Advantage Of You

by Emma Triplett

If you are one of life’s lovely people who is always there to put yourself out for others but end up doing too much and feeling taken advantage of, then this is the course for you.

Do you feel guilty for saying No?

Do you say ‘yes’ without thinking and then build up anxiety because you really don’t want to do it but can’t say so?

Do you compromise your own needs in order to put others first?

Is there never any time left in the day for you?

Is there someone in your life who needs your help and you want to help, but the stress of managing everything is making you ill and you feel you can’t cope?

It’s time to redress the balance

You can be that lovely person – the world needs you – but to do so effectively, you need to learn how to say ‘No’ without feeling guilty

‘How to stop people taking advantage of you’ is for those people who are always putting themselves out for others and feel like they get nothing back in return.  If you are one of life’s givers, it can be very difficult to say ‘no’ but for your own health and sanity you need to know how to do this in a way that doesn’t make you feel guilty or anxious. Sometimes ‘yes’ comes out before you’ve thought about it and you’ve commit yourself once again to something you really don’t have time to and as the event gets closer your anxiety rises to a point where you feel you just can’t cope.

How to stop people taking advantage of you will help you redress the balance so you are happy doing the things you want to including helping other people without becoming overwhelmed.

What is included in this course?


– Ten daily lessons delivered to your in box at the same time each day.

– Free self hypnosis MP3 to download with full instructions of how to correctly use self hypnosis to get the most out of it.

– Full email support with a senior hypnotherapist

– Ten easy ways of saying ‘no’ without feeling guilty.

– Full course lesson plan that you can do at your own speed or refer back to as many times as you like.


With this course you will


– Understand the dynamics of givers and takers

– Learn about personality archetypes and identify your own personality type

– Be able to recognise the personalities within your life and how they interact with your personality type

– Gain an insight into why certain people behave the way they do.

– Discover what motivates people who take advantage of others

– Learn from case studies how to deal with resurrecting boundaries at home, at work, with family and with friends.

– Understand the difference between selfish and selfless and learn why it is NOT selfish to put yourself first.

– Get 10 done for you strategies of how to say ‘no’ easily

– Receive 10 Lesson plans


Who should take this course


– People who are always putting other people first and not leaving enough time or energy for themselves

– Those who care deeply about other people but want a better balance between giving and taking

– People who don’t understand why other people act the way they do that comes across as selfish, controlling or hurtful

– People who are always saying ‘yes’ when they want to say ‘no’

– Those who get anxious when they need to say ‘no’ to someone

– People who feel obligated or under pressure from family

– Workaholics who don’t have a life outside work

– People who have unhealthy or toxic friendships and need build some boundaries around themselves


How does it work?

Starting today you will receive a lesson a day for ten days that you can keep and refer to whenever you need.   Each lesson is delivered at the same time each day and you will receive the first lesson instantly in your inbox, even if it’s 2am. You will also receive a full lesson plan so if you miss a lesson, need to refer back or even if you are keen and want to work ahead you can access any of the lessons whenever is convenient for you.

Free Gift

With lesson 1 you will also receive a free hypnotherapy MP3 download to use along side this course with full instructions of how to use it so you can maximise its benefits.  You will also receive a ‘Wednesday’s Thought’ every week which is midweek inspiration for you to ponder and on Saturdays I send you the weekly article which has been inspired by readers or guest writers on topics that help you go through life more easily.

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