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The practice is conveniently located in a beautiful converted Edwardian house in Hartley, a central location within three miles of Derriford Hospital and Plymouth City Centre (6min drive).

We have our own off street parking and disabled access (so there are no parking fees), or you can catch the following buses that stop right out the front of the clinic.

Citybus: 40/41 or 42/42a (click to view bus timetables)


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Danny is our resident hypnotherapist at Old Town Hypnotherapy in Plymouth and is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist. Danny also gained his diploma in clinical hypnotherapy & psychotherapy through The Clifton Practice, one of the UK’s leading holistic therapy organisations. He is passionate about helping clients overcome the issues that are hindering them and become their old selves again – or even better!

Danny is one of those people whose genuine care for others makes him one of the most likeable people you could meet. He will instantly put you at ease and give you the confidence that you will be able to resolve your issues and things will get better.



Read what former clients say about our hypnotherapy with Danny. *Please note that results may vary.

*“In today’s very stressful times, most of us could do with some help when life gets tough…. I was very lucky to find Danny! I had never experienced hypnotherapy before and his methods of relaxation are truly wonderful. His explanation of how the mind works now help me in my everyday life and I can control my anxiety levels….. I do not allow my ‘stress bucket’ to get too full.” -Daisy


*“I didn’t know much about hypnotherapy before my first session with Danny, but even after my consultation I learnt so much and was able to understand everything easily which was a relief. Hypnosis is really relaxing and I really feel like I have control over my emotions again which were getting the better of me before. I can now get on with the day and not be worrying about silly made-up things that will probably never happen!” – Lilly

*individual results may vary, please see our disclaimer page for further details


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