How we think is our choice and the way we think influences the world around us. What we focus on magnifies, so if we focus on our problems they multiply, but if you focus on what you DO want, that will also magnify and become more real.
  1. The Importance of Staying Positive! – Law Of Attraction

    Some valuable tools to practice. Thinking positive is about practice and you need to consciously practice how you think to make things happen your way.
  2. Positive Attitude is Everything – Very Funny Attitude Video – Inspirational

    OK, so it’s an Ad for huggies but there are two things I want to highlight:-

    1. The ability to stay happy and laugh in the face of adversity give you the ability to cope with anything life chucks at you.

    2. Babies are not born anxious, depressed or negative – they learn it. As an adult you have learnt and practiced your attitude in life and you can learn a new positive one.

  3. Think positively cartoon

    This one is hilarious, watch out for the positive twist. I’m a positive person and even I was forecasting a negative outcome!!
  4. Motivational video: Positive thinking in 100 seconds

    Great video and I agree it’s a choice. Do you want to be part of the crowd or stand out!
    Positive people are far more likely to be successful than negative people – FACT!
  5. Stop Negative Thinking!

    A negative way of saying Think Positive. Slightly ironic really and I guess the title has been written for SEO, but my comment would be your mind only focusses on the object in questions, you cannot tell your mind what NOT to do! If I tell you to NOT think of a pink elephant – what happens? You’ve probably got pink elephants in your mind. So to say Stop negative thinking, actually prompts you to think negatively. Turn it around and find the flip side positive statement.
We can look for the negative or positive in any opportunity that comes our way and we will find whichever we look for
It’s those people who think positively about opportunities which come their way who will hit the jackpot with a life changing decision.
Life changing decision are ALWAYS based on positive thinking.
Successful people and people who get lucky are the ones who say Yes, not the ones who say No!