Stop Smoking Group Session in Swindon

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Emma Triplett, Founder of Old Town Hypnotherapy is holding a special 1 off group session to Quit Smoking on Saturday 2nd September starting at 3.30pm for approximately 3 hours.

It will be held at Wood Street Wellbeing in Old Town.  Only 6 places available.


Emma Triplett, Founder of Old Town Hypnotherapy is returning to Swindon to hold a group session to stop smoking.

Emma, a smoker for over thirty years quit herself with the aid of hypnotherapy so understands the addiction both from the smoker’s point of view and the brain’s point of view as well as the truth about why you smoke and the secret to stopping.

During the session Emma will share with you her own experience of stopping successfully and what she learned that made the difference between staying a non smoker for good instead of lapsing back into the habit.

Stopping smoking is easy when you know how but no one teaches you exactly how, they all drum in the fear of giving up, of always being a smoker and reinforcing how difficult it is. These false claims are the very things that keep you smoking, they prey on your own fears to keep you trapped.  It is that fear that triggers the smoking cycle all over again.

You will understand exactly what a craving is and how it forms so you don’t have to have them and even if you do get the odd craving or two, you will leave the session confident that you will know what to do so that it doesn’t have you reaching for a cigarette.

Prerequisites to booking on the session.

  1.  You must have decided, without any ambiguity, that you are going to stop on the day.
  2.  You understand that hypnotherapy is an aid to you stopping smoking and not a magic cure.  It is your responsibility to put into action what you are taught and follow through with quitting.

1 review for Stop Smoking Group Session in Swindon

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I came to one of Emma Tripletts non smoking groups a few years back and have never smoked since thanks to her skill in hypnotherapy. I will be booking my dad in as a gift so was so glad to see your doing one of these amazing sessions again.

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